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Using Poor Law Records by Simon Fowler

Using Poor Law Records

Author: Simon Fowler
Published Date: 01 Mar 2001
Publisher: PRO Publications
Language: none
Format: Paperback| 64 pages
ISBN10: 1903365074
ISBN13: 9781903365076
File size: 50 Mb
File Name: Using Poor Law Records.pdf
Dimension: 115x 174mm
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Using Poor Law Records book. The best place to find a mention of a relative who received poor relief or was in the workhouse is at the county records office closest to where Welcome to the Ayrshire Poor Relief Database. Indexed information recorded in the database. Surname = surname of applicant Forename = first name of applicant Ref # = Reference number of application Misc = maiden name or anything relevant Age = age at time of application if given Birth Parish = parish where applicant born Film # = film number Jump to Historical background of the parish and its role in local - Types of records generated by the poor law. Account books. Apprenticeship of poor or orphaned children. Bastardy records. Rate books. Settlement: Certificates, Examinations, and Removal Orders. Workhouse accounts and Minutes. Emigration lists. The links shown above give access to the poor law records in this database as follows: Search gives Poor Law Record lists against Surname, Forename, Year and Parish parameters; Surnames gives alphabetic surname listing of all those people listed in the Poor Law Records Glasgow City Archives holds the records of the poor law authorities in Glasgow and other areas in the west of Scotland, which were formerly part of the Strathclyde Regional Archives collection. These authorities began in 1845, becoming Public Assistance in 1930, and ended with the introduction of Under the new law, parishes grouped together in poor law unions, supervised by a local board of guardians. Each poor law union built a workhouse, and poor relief was only to be given to those desperate enough to enter it. Each poor law union has its own set of records. West Sussex database of Poor Law records; Winchelsea Poor Law Letters (1761-1841) Winchelsea Poor Law Records (1790-1841) Supplement; SRS Bibliography; Search website. Online Records Sussex Poor Law; Sussex Burial Index; News and Events; About Us; Join Under the laws of settlement which were introduced by the Poor Law Act of 1601, the In this list covering dates for classes of records do not necessarily imply a relating to poor relief has survived in our holdings). Part 2: The Old Poor Law 1601 - 1834 (for which the key extant records are often grouped according to parish Poor Law Records Lancashire Poor Houses, Poor Law, etc. genealogy. Overseers of the Poor in each parish collected poor rates from As with many other records for Ireland, those for Poor Law can be sparse. Remember though that Ireland was under British rule until 1922; therefore, many records are held at The National Archives, England (TNA).There is a research guide on TNA's website about Poor Law. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information to be found in the Poor Law records of the west of Scotland, where so many Irish ended up in the 19th century. Medway, Kent, England, Poor Law Union Records, 1836-1937 The 1601 law remained in effect until 1834, when a new law, the Poor Law Amendment Act, This is the first in a series of blogs about Poor Law and how to research your ancestors in the variety of documents relating to the poor both in New Zealand and Great Britain. Many records relating to the poor have been created over the centuries and I hope that this gives an insight into the wide variety of material available. Poverty not Questions tagged [poor-law-records] Ask Question For questions about records of poverty and the Poor Laws of the UK, including workhouse documents. For questions about records of poverty and the Poor Laws of the UK, including How is it possible that my ancestor left the workhouse so quickly with a baby? In 1838 Ireland was divided into administrative districts known as Poor Law Unions Source of images: The Poor Law Records of Counties Limerick, Clare and Poor Law Records are the most important records of a Parish after Parish Registers. Through them we can discover ancestors who were "paupers" who were Poor Relief Records are be the perfect resource if you are researching Highland This included the elderly, the young and those with a mental or physical They ensured that only those with a proven settlement in the parish received poor relief. The main parish poor law records are the account books. These show WHAT ARE POOR LAW/BOARD OF GUARDIANS RECORDS? There are also some records of Lunatics in the Board of Guardians collection. Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Poor law and workhouse records Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Valuations Woking, St Peter s Memorial Home Patients 1885-1908 Money was collected from local residents through the poor rates and used to see 'Sussex Poor Law Records: A Catalogue' by J M Coleman.

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